Are Theme Parks missing out on WiFi?

It was my 40th birthday a few weeks back, and to celebrate, whilst proving I am still not so old, we went to a local theme park, Pleasurewood Hills.  A good time was had by all, and late last night my phone came alive with photos and comments that all those we went with were uploading.  Which got me thinking.

What if the parks themselves had WiFi?

1. Well, firstly, in terms of brand exposure, people would be uploading their photos and tweets direct to the net.  Less time delay means those with friends nearby or in the area already could pop along increasing walk-in business.

2. Dwell time.  How long are people actually queuing for rides?  Tracking the access points that a phone is connected to will show you the flow of people around the park.  Which areas are busy, which less so to help with deployment of service staff.

3. Interaction.  Get your customers to sign up with email address or twitter and you could interact automatically with guests.  A tweet when they get near the big roller coaster, another when its lunch time and they get near a food outlet.

4. Its useful. Not everyone’s on the rides, so keep those people amused with online, interactive maps, videos of attractions, marketing news, special offers.  Let them check weather forecasts, traffic information for the journey back.

5. Marketing.  Collecting user information will let you know about repeat visitors, time between visits. Use that data to maybe send a special offer to previous customers who havent been back in a while.  Send them information on new rides.

Those are just the ideas we came up with in 20 minutes this morning.  Candengo are experts in all aspects of WiFi installation and can advise you every step of the way in utilising WiFi services.  Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.




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Guinness World Record by Camping & Caravanning Club

Candengo were asked to be adjudicators by Thetford Forest Campsite when the Camping & Caravanning Club attempted to set a world record for the most people wearing paper crowns in multiple locations.  We may of been asked due to amazing ability to count beyond 200, but most probably is was for the use of our non imaginary cherry picker that allowed some great photos to be taken during the event.  Yes, it’s true – our cherry picker is real, unlike one of our competitors who posts stock photos!

So, on a wet, grey day, some 274 people accumulated in the taped off VIP area , paper crowns in place ready for the photo shoot.  In 5 mintes it was all over, and cream teas were had by all.  All paperwork was sent over the the C&CC head office, and it was then a waiting game to see if the record had been set.  Circa 5:30pm, it was announced that a new world record had been set. Final figures are not in , but last count was 13,000 crowns.


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Airmesh Self Forming Network

Candengo launches Airmesh self installing and configuring Mesh Network for Holiday Parks and Hotels

There are two ways to run a business:

1) Do it right first time, resulting in good word of mouth reviews, and hence more sales.
2) Do it wrong, and keep billing the same clients for ‘fixing’ the network.

We subscribe to the first method, but that does not mean equipment never goes wrong.

In order to simplify replacement of damaged or broken units and to speed up configuration on new installation we have developed AirMesh.  Our range of AirMesh equipment automatically looks around it for other Airmesh Nodes, and asks them for configuration options.  Once it has a route to the internet, it will check in with our servers and download a full configuration file and set itself up.  As that cheeky Meerkat would say, SIMPLES!

Clearly, the less time we spend onsite setting up your network means less spend for you.  Same with repairs – we can simply send you a spare unit which you swap over , no nasty surprises with engineers call out rates.

Airmesh is only available from Candengo, the installer of choice for your Leisure and Hospitality guest wifi solutions.


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Caravan Park WiFi & Holiday Park WiFi solutions

Now the sun is finally shining, customers will be thinking about booking their summer holidays, and sites that provide WiFi will be at the top of their list.   Don’t take our word for it though, as to be honest, we are biased.  Have a read through the latest BH&HPA journal for two excellent articles on why Caravan Parks and Holiday Parks need to embrace Leisure WiFI solutions, both for customer satisfaction, and social media marketing.

Candengo are a leading provider of Holiday Park and Caravan Park WiFI solution , covering in excess of 40,000 pitches through the UK alone and are able to provide you with a complete Caravan Park or Holiday Park wifi solution with 100% GUARANTEED coverage of your site.

Contact Candengo today – don’t leave it till the last minute as we do get very busy in peak periods and wouldn’t want you to miss out.

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